Business start-ups from the DMRC

Research and everyday activities at the DMRC have led to innovative business ideas with which (former) employees have set up their own businesses. Here you will find an overview of start-ups that have emerged from the DMRC.

Additive Marking pursues the goal of linking every additively manufactured part with its digital twin in a clearly traceable manner. Without the need for additional downstream process steps, such as laser marking, the markings are created directly during the manufacturing process with the component.

AMendate is a fully automated topology optimization software for Additive Manufacturing. The innovative technology overcomes several shortfalls of existing optimization softwares and considers AM design rules.



The idea behind AMproved is the creation of an online shop/marketplace that offers and bundles highly innovative peripherals for additive manufacturing.

The vision of Advanced Mechanical Engineering GmbH is to show companies a way to do business innovatively and sustainably through efficiency gains.

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