Advanced Mechanical Engineering GmbH

The vision of Advanced Mechanical Engineering GmbH is to show companies a way to do business innovatively and sustainably through efficiency gains. Since its founding in the summer of 2020, the company has been based in the Center for Production Technology (ZfP) at the Phönix West Industrial Park in Dortmund.

The wide-ranging knowledge of AME GmbH's employees in the fields of lightweight construction, engineering expertise and 3D printing helps companies to meet market pressures. Thereby function, target as well as geometry of a component determine the type of manufacturing and not vice versa!

The range of services includes CAD designs, FE calculations as well as structural optimization and a training program. AME GmbH thus supports its customers throughout the entire product development process, from the idea to the component. A wide range of projects from various industries have already been successfully completed and have enriched the wealth of experience within the company and with customers.

Take the opportunity to cooperate with us, so that we can shape the structure of the future together!