Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium 2023 – Strong Presence of the DMRC at this year’s conference

Once again, the Solid Freeform Fabrication Symposium was held in Austin, Texas, for its 34th edition, underscoring its importance as a renowned additive manufacturing conference in the United States. The DMRC contributed with all together 8 presentations on the following topics: 

•    Influence of Substrate Temperature on the Formation of Individual Weld Paths during Laser Cladding (LMD) when Processing 316L: Stefan Gnaase
•    Assessing the Impact of the Powder Production Method on Ceramic-filled Polyamide 613 Composites Made by Laser Sintering: Ivo Kletetzka
•    Methodical Approach to Reducing Design Time by using Neural Networks in Early Stages of Concept Development: Manuel Ott
•    Depiction of Support Structures in Technical Drawings: Thorsten Koers
•    Determination and Compensation of the Shrinkage Behavior of Cylindrical Elements in the FDM Process: Thorsten Koers
•    Halogen-free Flame-retardant Powder Materials for Laser Sintering: Evaluation and Process Stability Analysis: Fabian Neitzel
•    Multi-material Design in Metal Additive Manufacturing: Dennis Lehnert
•    Investigation of the Influence of Process Parameters to Increase Productivity in the LPBF Process for the Material Inconel 718: Christian Bödger

From left: Dennis Lehner, Thorsten Koers, Fabian Neitzel, Christian Bödger, Manuel Ott, Ivo Kletetzka, Stefan Gnaase