Development of a Strategy for the DMRC

Object of the project is the development of a strategy for the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC). The strategy will allow the DMRC to exploit the future success potentials identified in the project “Opportunities and Barriers of Direct Manufacturing Technologies for the Aerospace Industry and adapted others”. In the presented project, an analysis of research institutes and research topics is carried out that allows identifying promising fields of activity for the DMRC.

The project enables the DMRC and its partners to be one step ahead of respectable competitive research centers worldwide. Especially the definition of a DMRC strategy as a consensus of all partners will enable the DMRC to initiate research projects with a maximum benefit for all DMRC partners and potential users of DM-technologies in promising industries. Furthermore, a well-defined strategy will help to convince further partners to join the DMRC.

The results of the project will be summarized in a confidential study. Additionally, a public study will be published which discloses non-confidential results of the project.

Goal of the project is a strategy that will allow the DMRC to become a leading institution in Additive Manufacturing. A strategy can be regarded as a guideline for daily operations along the way from today to a visionary picture of the future. The vision contains a mission statement, core competencies and strategic positions. Defined measures and consequences will help the DMRC implementing the strategy. Consequences will clarify what generally has to be done in the relevant fields of action (combinations of market / market performances). Measures will define the way to the realization of the vision.

Project statusSuccessfully finished
Project duration 24 month

50 % Land of North Rhine-Westphalia
50 % DMRC industry partner

Project managerProf. Dr.-Ing. Jürgen Gausemeier
Project coordinatorProf. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmid
Scientific staffDipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Marina Wall
Dipl.-Wirt.-Ing. Stefan Peter
Martin Kage, M. Sc.
Involved chairsHeinz Nixdorf Institute (HNI)
Strategic product planning and systems engineering