High Temp Applications – Potentials of PA613

Within the last DMRC Project “LS Polyamide for High Temperature Applications – Processing and Properties of PA613” it could be shown that the new LS material PA613, delivered by Evonik, shows good processability on the regular “low temperature” LS EOS P396 machine and mechanical part properties are about 25 % better than the ones of polyamide 12 build parts. However, beside higher strength, higher temperature resistance is required in advanced applications like electronics or automotive industry. The temperature resistance in addition to other advanced short term material properties will be investigated within this project. As PA613 is not known in conventional manufacturing it is important to classify the material within the range of engineering plastics to become a new high performance material in industry, for this purpose more information about part properties have to be generated.


As a refresh-enhanced PA613 material will be delivered by Evonik process instructions, which were investigated in 2017 have to be adapted. Furthermore is the aim to investigate further material properties like a suitable refresh strategy for the recycling-enhanced PA613 material and determining further short term part properties which are required in high temperature applications. The proceeding of this project is divided in 4 work packages which are described in the following. A refreshing-enhanced batch of PA613 material is used within this project.
Project status07/18 - 12/18
Project duration12 months

100 % DMRC industry partner

Research leaderProf. Dr.-Ing. Hans-Joachim Schmid (PVT)
Project coordinatorSylvia Monsheimer (Evonik)
Research assistantChristina Kummert, M.Sc.
PartnerDMRC Industry Partner