FOCUS – Active Strategy Implementation and Advancement

Still there is a challenge to envisage future evolutions of AM and to provide valid fundaments for strategic decisions within enterprises and business units. Requests indicate that the five public DMRC studies still attract significant interest for the DMRC. As an “Industrial Research Base”, the DMRC needs to act as an influencer in the community, to focus ambitions towards key research areas, to advance quickly but sound in all of these areas and strengthen strategic decisions of partners. DMRC needs to actively drive growth (regarding academic chairs and industry partners), community interactions (EU, AM Platform, IMS, VDI, VDMA, Bitkom) and relationships (based on DynAMiCS results) with
a clear and continuously updated focus.

The aim of FOCUS is to update our strategic knowledge base, to adapt facilitation and continuous improvement tools as well as to advance service and training offers – change from passive into active strategy focus and make corresponding knowledge available for DMRC partners.

FOCUS supports managing roles (esp. scientific and managing director) to sharpen our scientific profile; actively engage and liaise with German, European and international communities; monitor and enhance potential synergy effects between research interests of both scientific and industrial partners. The DMRC will gain an outline of the competitors’ strategies, clear USPs and demanded research fields in AM. The roll-out and implementation process will ensure sustainability of the project, handing it into the regular structures and processes of the DMRC (i.e., more efficient use of regular efforts). In addition, strategy related services can be offered continuously to DMRC partners, e.g., regarding validation of individual AM implementation strategies.

Project status01/18 - 12/18
Project duration12 months

100 % DMRC industry partner

Research leaderProf. Dr.-Ing. Iris Gräßler (HNI-PE)
Project coordinatorRandy A. Southmayd (The Boeing Company)
Research assistantDr.-Ing. Jens Pottebaum
Patrick Taplick, M.Sc.
Christian Oleff, M.Sc.
PartnerDMRC Industry Partner


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Prof. Dr. Iris Gräßler

Institut für Leichtbau mit Hybridsystemen (ILH)

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