DMDR 3.0


The project “Direct Manufacturing Design Rules” (DMDR 1.0 and 2.0) is aimed at developing design rules for additive manufacturing processes and to make them accessible to a broad spectrum of users ranging from the scientific community and the industry to students.

To extend the range of validity, the following work packages are defined:

Work package 1: Extension of the range of validity for seven new machine-material-parameter-combinations

The industrial partners select eight preferred combinations, which they frequently use in their companies or intend to use in the future. In order to achieve the highest possible significance of the results and to avoid the pure consideration of metallic materials, the proposals are discussed with the DMRC and decisions are made regarding the eight combinations. Construction job data provided by the DMRC for the test specimens are first prepared by the industrial partners with regard to the boundary conditions and then produced. A description of the production of the test specimens also provided by the DMRC accompanies this process in order to guarantee the same methodical procedure that was defined in the DMDR 1.0 project, regardless of the boundary conditions. In order to enable a statistical evaluation and to increase the significance of the results, the test specimens are produced in triplicate and shipped to the DMRC. The DMRC determines the respective measured variables of the test specimens according to the methodical procedure and subsequently evaluates them.

Work package 2: Adaption of the design rule catalog

As part of the second work package, the DMRC design guidelines catalog developed in DMDR 1.0 and 2.0 will be adapted to the results of the DMDR 3.0 project. The results of work package 1 are integrated into the respective design guidelines with a note on the respective combination. This process is accompanied by the analysis whether the respective guideline is relevant for the examined boundary conditions. If necessary, the previous design catalog will also be extended by further design guidelines if a combination requires this. The result of the project DMDR 3.0 is a design rule catalog with extended validity. With the design guidelines and the specific limit values it is possible to realize a robust component design for a multitude of combinations. The catalog forms a current basis for the handling and training of additive manufacturing. In addition, components can be optimized for additive manufacturing using the updated and extended design rule catalog. Furthermore, this offers the possibility to reduce time and therefore costs by the conscious approach during the component design

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