High Temperature Fatigue Behavior of Nickel based Superalloys manufactured by Selective Laser Melting

The research project pursues three main aims where it comes together to improve the high temperature properties of Inconel 718 components manufactured by SLM:

The first aim of the project is to develop a detailed understanding of the different mechanisms at high temperature fatigue behavior of SLM-processed Inconel 718 alloy with different heat treatments at the microstructural level. Therefore, the present microstructure will be shown in detail for each sample condition and associated with the results of mechanical tests, so that the microstructural evolution are investigated, respectively.

The second aim is to characterize the effects of the hot isostatic pressing on the SLM material. In addition to an in-depth characterization of the surface, various high-resolution testing methods such as optical microscopy and electron backscatter diffraction can be used.

The third aim is the improvement of the functional encapsulation of laser melted Inconel 718 by Arc-PVD for post compacting by hot isostatic pressing.

Project statusIn progress
Project duration 36 month
Funding DFG, German Research Foundation (100%)
Project manager

Prof. Dr. Mirko Schaper, University of Paderborn – Chair at Materials Science (LWK)
Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Tillmann, Technical University of Dortmund – Chair at Institute of Materials Engineering (LWT)

Project coordinator-
Scientific staff

Mehmet Esat Aydinöz, M.Sc. (LWK, DMRC)
Christopher Schaak, M.Sc. (LWT)

Involved chairs

Materials Science (LWK), University of Paderborn
Institute of Materials Engineering (LWT), Technical University of Dortmund