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Since June 2016 we are holding three different workshops in order to give you the best possible start:

At the CAD - Workshop you will learn how to create an object with the CAD-Software SolidWorks. You will also learn about the most important data formats in additive manufacturing as well as which steps are necessary to make your file usable for the MakerBot.

At the 3D-Print - Workshop you will dive deeper into the technology. You will get to know our different 3D-printers and learn how they function as well as the basics about additive manufacturing.

The 3D-Scan - Workshop will provide for you all the knowledge about the 3D-Scanning-Methods available for you. It will enable you to scan objects or people on your own.

Please bring something to write and maybe your notebook etc.

If you like to participate, please register yourself for the Workshops via PANDA.


To contact us please use the mailing address below:


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