Since June 2016 we are holding three different workshops in order to give you the best possible start:

At the CAD - Workshop you will learn how to create an object with the CAD-Software SolidWorks. You will also learn about the most important data formats in additive manufacturing as well as which steps are necessary to make your file printable.

At the 3D-Print - Workshop you will dive deeper into the technology. You will get to know our different 3D-printers and learn how they function as well as the basics about additive manufacturing.

The 3D-Scan - Workshop will provide for you all the knowledge about the 3D-Scanning-Methods available for you. It will enable you to scan objects or people on your own.

Please bring something to write and maybe your notebook etc.

After a successfull participation, you will receive a certificate.

Additionally, we offer further, specialized workshops:

At the Scan-to-Print-Workshop, you run through the entire process chain from a scanned part to the 3D-printed duplicate. Feel free to bring your own parts.

With our new 3D input device, you can digitally model your parts in the Haptics Workshop: Creative Design with Geomagic Touch.

The FDM-Pro-Workshop enhances your knowledge, so you too can be an FDM-Pro.

If you like to participate, please register yourself for the Workshops via PANDA.


To contact us please use the mailing address below:


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