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One of our newest creations: A Camera-Slider!

This slider was specifically made for getting your timelapse videos to the next level.

The 3D-Printed Base of the Slider is guided by two aluminium tubes. To provide effortless movement of the slider, linear bearings are pressed into the printed PLA part and the aluminium rods are inserted. The speed of up to 0,24mm/s is controlled by an electric motor that drives a threaded rod. Although this sounds like it is very slow, it is more than enough for the purpose. The electric motor draws its 5V of power through a powerbank that is connected via an USB connector.

This is a fine example of how to implement standardized parts such as bearings, threaded rods and electric motors into your 3D-printed parts. Building it yourself also saves you a lot of money compared to buying a slider!

 Check out Markus' first test of the slider here.

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