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Building your own 3D-printer

If you are studying engineering, why not build yout own machine? And why not start with a 3D-printer for your home?

This must have been the thoughts of this student. So he bought a few things:

  • 20*20mm aluminium profile with 40 squares
  • 1m of drivebelt
  • 140 pieces of fastening material
  • some cable

and started building his own 3D-printer. Every time he found something he needed but could not buy, he simple came to us and 3D printet it. All the colourful pieces were done this way - all in all 23 parts.

If it comes to electronic, we can´t print it. So he also got

  • an extruder with Nema 17 engine
  • 28Byj-48 engines to actuate the arbors
  • an Arduino Mega 2560 with Ramps 1.4 PCB

After putting all this togheter he had his very own 3D-printer. With a size of 54cm³ he realised a building platform of 20*30*40cm³. The 4mm noozle can move a a speed of 10mm/s in x- and y-axis and 0.5mm/s in z-axis. The firm- and software he used was from Repetierhost.

The first results are pretty good! But he is already dreaming on...

...maybe even stronger engines ...maybe a heatable building space

We definitely want to see more!

The University for the Information Society