success stories

All the things we print or scan here are cool - that´s why we love 3D printing. But somethimes there is this one object or project that really gets you. These are the ones we want to share with you. So enjoy!

Our newest creation: A Do-it-yourself Camera-Slider for shooting Videos.

The student that build this slider saved himself a lot of money by constructing alle the parts himself and ordering cheap parts from ebay, to create an electronically controlled slider. It is used specifically for shooting timelapse videos.



This was the very thing that made us start the success story page, because it is just awesome. It is an LED-array that has 64 LEDs in it, which can all glow in different colours. The student who made it said, that he and some friends are planning on make these things in the size of a small table. Just imagine you could play a game of snake or pacman while waiting for the waitress in a restaurant!!!

If you are studying engineering, why not build your own machine? And why not start with a 3D-printer for your home?

One of our students thought like that and started building his own 3D-printer. Every time he found something he needed but could not buy, he simple came to us and 3D printet it. All the colourful pieces were done this way - all in all 23 parts.

Did you ever realize that every baseball bat looks the same? Ain´t that boring?

That was exactly what one of our students thought. Therefore we 3D-scanned his face and put it on the end of his baseball bat :-)

Looking fo a challenge? What about creating a whole transmission gear in CAD?

"Challenge accepted" is, what this student said. He created a pretty awesome one and 3D-printed it with our Z18.