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About us

To make additive technology part of the university of paderborns standard curricular is one of the DMRCs goals. We want every student to have the opportunity to get in touch with additive manufacturing and use “3D-printing”. One step closer to achieving this goal was the start of our close cooperation with the art-department, for which we won the advancement award for innovation and quality in education 2014 (Förderpreis für Innovation und Qualität in der Lehre 2014).

In order to make the technology available for all students from all faculties, even outside the lectures and seminars, our doors are open on three days a week. Every student is welcome to get to know the technology, to create and built an own idea and to challenge his or her mind, because the question is “how far can you imagine?”

If you are currently a student at the University of Paderborn, fell free to step by our workshops and get something “3D-printed” at our opening hours. If you are not a student but interested in our work or the DMRC or if you have any more questions please contact us via mail.

Our concept:

Our concept is easy. You create an object you want to have 3D-printed. Then you save it as *.stl, which is the file format our 3D printers need. Then you bring us your *.stl-file on an USB-stick at our opening hours. We will print it for you and send you an e-mail if it is ready to be picked up.

If you do not know how to create an object or how to safe it as an *.stl or have any other questions about 3D-printing please come by at our opening hours or take part in one of our workshops.

Our StudentLab3D-Team

Our StudentLab3D - team does the best they can to help you with all your problems and to answer all your questions.

Tim Olszewski

Maximilian Salm

Tobias Schulz


To contact us please use the mailing address below:

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Christine Driediger, M.Sc.


Stereolithography (SLA)/ Digital Light Processing (DLP)

Christine Driediger
+49 5251 60-5518
+49 5251 60-5409

Dennis Menge, M.Sc.


Polymer Laser Sintering

Dennis Menge
+49 5251 60-5520
+49 5251 60-5409

The University for the Information Society