Testing equipment involved chairs

Due to the structure of the DMRC, it is possible to use the test equipment of the participating chairs. Below are some testing equipment listed, which are used in DMRC projects.

KTP - Kunststofftechnik Paderborn

Mechanical analysis

  • Pendulum impact tester, HIT5.5P, Zwick Roell
  • Universal testing machine for tensile-, bending-, pressure- and peel tests with different load cells (145kN, 10 kN), Zwick 1446

Optical analysis

  • Thin Cutting device, Polycut, Reichert Jung
  • Digital microscope, VHX- 600, Keyence
  • Confocal laser microscope, VK - 9710, Keyence

Physical analysis

  • Grinding and polishing device, Tegral/ Force -5, Streurs
  • Computer tomograph (CT), Phoenix nanotom s, GE

Thermal analysis

  • Melt Index Tester, Mflow BMF-001, Zwick/Roell
  • High-pressure capillary rheometer, Rheograph 2002, Göttfert
  • Thermoanalytical testing devices, TGA/DSC 1 Star-System + TMA/SDTA841, Mettler Toledo Inc.

Joining laboratory

  • Hot plate welding machine, K2150, Bielomatik Leuze GmbH
  • Ultrasonic welding machine, LV 2020-CPC, KLN Ultraschall AG

LWK - Chair of materials science

Mechanical analysis

  • Servo-hydraulical testing system, MTS Systems
  • Servo-hydraulical testing System, MTS 858 Table Top System, MTS Systems
  • Servo-hydraulical testing system, MTS Landmark, MTS Systems
  • Testing system, ElectroForce 3550, Bose

Optical analysis

  • Confocal laser scanning microscope, OLS3100, Olympus
  • Scanning electron microscope, XL 40 ESM TMP, Philips
  • Transmission electron microscope, CM200STEM, Philips
  • X-Ray diffractometer, X‘pert Pro, Philips

FAM - Institute of Applied Mechanics

Mechanical analysis

  • Electrodynamic testing system, ElectroPuls E10000, Instron
  • Servo-hydraulicaltesting system, HYDROPULS, PSA, Schenck
  • Servo-hydraulicaltesting system, HYDROPULS SINUS, Schenck

Optical analysis

  • Digital microscope, VHX-2000, Keyence