The DMRC is a proactive collaboration of stakeholders from key technologies that have a common interest in the development of rapid prototyping technologies about a reliable, stable production Direct Manufacturing (DM) technology.

About the DMRC

Learn more about the aim, structure and partners of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center.

The Additive Manufacturing processes which are part of the research at the DMRC, are: Laser sintering (LS), Laser melting (LM) and Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM).

Testing technologies

At the DMRC a broad range of measuring equipment is available. Mechanical, optical and geometrical measurements can be done (also as a service).


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Annual reports

From the annual report of the DMRC informations about e.g. the research projects of the respective fiscal year can be obtained.

Press review

The Direct Manufacturing Research Center is represented in many local magazines and national media. Here you will find a press review with content over the DMRC.

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